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Swiftly Website and Platform

24 August 2021

A company website for the platform that will revolutionize the search for a perfect job for a job seeker, and the search of a candidate for a company. We achieve this by only asking the important and needed details at the right time, to learn about the dreams of a job seeker and wishes of a company.

Build with React, Redux, and Material UI.

Site & Platform

Buckingham Taalservice Website

11 July 2021

A first website for a starting business, it portrays the business' services, allows for visitor to send a form to get in contact, and allows for them to create blogs. All of the content is handeled via Contentful.

Build with Gatsby, Contentful, Sass, and GraphQL.


Zuiver&Koek Webshop

30 April 2021

A static webshop that has a seamless integration with Shopify for product management and checkout handling. The pages load instantaneously, and is easily maintainable for non-coders due to Contentful.

Build with Gatsby, Shopify, Contentful, Sass, and GraphQL.


Omnia Consultancy Website

15 March 2021

A static website for a new company with the goal to relay its message to the world. It is blazing fast, has all the capabilities of a CMS, and is easily maintainable for non-coders.

Build with Gatsby, TypeScript, WordPress, Sass, and GraphQL.


Grönebach Movie Database

17 February 2021

A movie database, focused on speed, ease of use, and serendipity. My first project that allows users to search a select database of movies to find what they'll want to see.

Build with React, TypeScript, Redux, and Sass.

Build with Gatsby. Hosted on Vercel. View the Source Code. © 2021